Banks That Offer Credit Cards Without Dues

It is the annual card fee legally granted to banks and collected from the consumer in exchange for the service they provide. These fees are not standard and vary from bank to bank. For example, student credit cards are lower. Although it is sometimes not collected from people who have a salary account in the bank, it is generally collected from everyone.


What is Credit Card Fee?

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Many banks, especially Enpara and Kuwait, started to be among the banks that issued credit cards without subscription. Judicial decisions made in the past have decided that these fees are completely legal and affordable. Therefore, in the consumer courts that are applied, a negative decision is taken regarding the reimbursement.

Credit card annual fees

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Due to the high credit card dues starting from 32 dollar and up to 400 dollar (in American Express cards), the banks that issue credit cards without dues are always the first choice reason for consumers. Annual card fees are really very astronomical and high. These fees, which are reflected on the account statement at the end of the year, are sometimes collected in 2 equal installments. Some credit cards collect monthly. But in general, it is taken only for one time. Although some consumers seek to cancel these fees, this is entirely up to your relationship with the bank and the initiative of the bank. In addition, it is possible to seek your right through legal means.

Can Credit Card Fees be Canceled?

Until a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of consumers began seeking their rights through legal means to get back their credit card fees. Although the consumer courts decided in the first place in favor of the consumer, the decision made by the Supreme Court was that these fees collected by banks were legal. In short, you cannot cancel these fees with judicial support.

You should choose to compromise with your bank. You can pay several automatic invoices, or by paying monthly spending, you may not pay credit card fees. It offers these options to many bank customers. Especially in the last few years, banks have not taken into account the “I cancel my card” threats from consumers. If you do not want to deal with such procedures, you should work with banks that issue credit cards without dues.